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Antico Caffè Torinese was founded in Trieste in 1919, created by the native ebony artist Giuliano Debelli, internationally known for being the interior decorator of the luxurious ocean liners Saturnia and Vulcania. Today, still adorned by an original Liberty counter and illuminated by a sumptuous crystal chandelier, the Café is included in the National Register of Historic Places and displays a golden plaque attesting the historical significance of the location, its furniture and decor. With the change of management in October 2014, Caffè Torinese took on a new,

energetic guise, thanks to the two young owners, who share a solid experience in the trendiest clubs across Europe and aim for offering not only coffees, but also fresh pastry, express lunches with carefully selected ingredients and high quality wines. The true innovation, though, comes with mixology, the art of mixing drinks based on the skillful balance of all ingredients composing each drink, to bring in every glass the value of a perfect execution and the authentic culture of cocktail bar.


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